Keeper of Relics: The Novel

Keeper of Relics is a Christian fantasy novel by Bob Edwards, written to contrast the love of God with harmful patriarchal traditions.

Book Description:

In a harshly matriarchal ancient world of fantasy, a young woman’s faith challenges an oppressive tradition.

Today is Jesika’s seventeenth birthday. She will be admitted to the Holy Order of Relic Keepers. While this should be a time of celebration, Jesika is troubled. She has been having disturbing dreams that challenge her society’s belief that women were made to rule over men.

This story is a look at human history through the lens of fantasy. The experience of women in patriarchal societies is reflected in a mirror that is turned upside-down. What might the ancient world have looked like if women ruled over men in the name of a female God? What if male voices were silenced in the name of religion?

The author explores these questions in a spell-binding tale about a young woman who must decide if she will follow tradition or have the courage to follow her faith and her conscience, wherever that path may lead.